Cost savings

Save on your activities realising a quick ROI

BorrowMe improves your organization and management of indirect materials, which translates into operational savings. BorrowMe, with or without additional accessories, could contribute to cost savings in any organization, independent of its business model. Although every customer starts with a different baseline, our experience shows that most companies realize similar cost reductions.

We divide these savings into hard (direct purchasing and inventory savings) and soft (productivity enhancements).

Direct savings

Inventory Management

BorrowMe learns from your historical activities to identify excess inventory purchases and adjusts to leaner levels.

Inventory visibility across sites facilitates transfers of in-stock items in place of new purchases. More frequent inventory turns lead to lower carrying costs and fewer dollars lost on dead stock.

Usage reports and supplier tracking allow you to consolidate your product range to eliminate low turnover items.

Vending machines limit employees to the right asset type and quantity for the job, reducing misuse and waste. And tool tracking increases employee accountability to reduce theft. RFID alerts can also help to avoid safety infractions and fines.

Administrative efficiency

Automated transactions and automated purchases eliminate the need for several roles to handle the same data-entry paperwork.

User-defined report fields provide budgetary information, accounting for the number of employees, suppliers and materials by job.

Consolidated supply chains can improve purchasing terms, along with saving time by dealing with fewer suppliers and POs.

Indirect savings

Productivity enhancements

Line-side accessoiries for BorrowMe reduce travel time for materials and supplies.

RFID and barcode tracking help to reduce search time for lost tools and inventory.

Unmanned Boxes and automatic transactions free up more employees to do other work.

As a result of implementing a BorrowMe solution, typical MRO inventory reductions can take up to 35%.