Overview of all features


Overview of all features


 Customer relationship management

 Contacts and staff

 Delivery addresses

 Product management

 Consumption and utilisation

 Rental terms

 Packing units

 Personal cards

 Distribution and collection processes

 Non-recurring distribution processes

 Personal serial numbers

 Warehouses and locations

 Pick routes

 Barcode, QR and RFID scanning

 Certificate restrictions

 Dynamic data triggers

 Multilingual interface

 Platform independent


 Product groups and types

 Product categories

 Product master data

 Unique items / serial numbers

 Composite products

 Suggestions and mandatory products

 Product reservation

 Product history

 Product services

 Product manuals

 Product videos and graphics

 Product terms

 Product certificates

 Product consumption and utilisation

Key processes

 Quick distribution

 Reservation requests

 Order creation

 Order picking

 Managing delivery notes

 Material collection

 Inventory management

 Inventory transfers

 Purchase advice

 Automatical stock notification

 Dimension related working

 Reservation via Portal / website

 Reservation via BorrowMe Box




 Pick list / work orders

 Delivery notes

 Return notes

 Purchase advise overview

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