Manage your materials, customers, administration and planning and corresponding communication in BorrowMe.

Personal inventory and warehouse management

Total control over your warehouse and product distribution. Everything integrated in one software system for your organization. Materials, customers, persons, administration, planning and all communication.

Are you actually looking for an equipment rental solution?

BorrowMe contributes to the responsible use of company-critical tools and supplies. Furthermore, you gain more control over consumables to realise cost savings. BorrowMe is an all-in-one solution, targeting the complete process of personal transactions within your organization. This offers your staff a “one-stop-shopping” experience, without dependence on multiple systems.

BorrowMe is platform independentBorrowMe is platform independent

Some characteristics

Use & consumption

Flexible platform for lending and use of products to staff, customers or contractors.

Period management

Set maximum issuance periods up to the minute for a streamlined product flow.

Efficient product planning

Real-time availability and planning of products for efficient and streamlined inventory management.

Manned or unmanned issuing

The BorrowMe Box may be used for unmanned yet reliable distribution and collection of tools and consumables.

Link your suppliers

Enables an integrated link between suppliers and your warehouse inventories for optimum availability.

Generic products and serial numbers

General products or unique serial numbers can be used for distribution, with detailed history documentation.

Service and maintenance

Manual and automatic services and notifications can be configured, with far-reaching history.

Comprehensive reporting

Common statements can be printed as a report. Layouts can be fully customized.

Dimension-related ordering

Specific dimensions can be set for each individual customer, e.g. cost centers or departments.

Product reservations

Products can be reserved in advance. Reserved products may not be issued to other persons and/or customers, ensuring availability.


Platform independent and accessible with your browser, anywhere and anytime.

Roles and restrictions

Specific roles are assigned to users, which determine the access level or permissions of a person authorized.

BorrowMe in the cloud

BorrowMe in the cloud (as SaaS) guarantees data security:

24/7 monitoring

Periodic backup solution

100% uptime

Project implementation

Are you interested in BorrowMe and looking for an implementation partner or a party providing active support during a project? Visit the Partners page to locate the right partner near you. Or contact us for more information.

Our clients

BorrowMe is trusted by various organizations such as government institutions, education, commercial companies and companies with rental as an additional activity.

Wendy Distelmans - Toyota Motor Europe

"We have been using BorrowMe for four years at our research and development department in Zaventem. Online reservations can be done by our engineers so that they always have the right tools on time."

Wendy Distelmans - Toyota Motor Europe

Employee Education Workshop - Hogeschool Rotterdam

"We use BorrowMe as a 'borrowing tool' for one of our faculties. We have been working with BorrowMe to full satisfaction for several years. Students can book online in advance. We are directly supported by Infodatek where necessary."

Employee Education Workshop - Hogeschool Rotterdam

Marius Heinerman - BAR-Organisatie

"We use BorrowMe to lend out our tools and traffic signs within our municipalities. The user-friendliness helps everyone to work with the system in an easy way. We work from the cloud and this is going at full speed."

Marius Heinerman - BAR-Organisatie

D. Reijnierse - Zeeland Refinery N.V.

"BorrowMe has been used from the start when the system came on the market, but we use the on-premise edition. We use the system for managing keys, tools and accessories on the entire plant. It is totally integrated with our access system."

D. Reijnierse - Zeeland Refinery N.V.

Please contact us for more information about BorrowMe, project support or partners.

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