• Suitable for each sector
  • Fully platform independent
  • Process efficiency thanks to BorrowMe
  • Different editions for everyone

Total solution for sales, borrowing, rental, stock and product services


Where is your organisation looking for?


You want to have an easy point-to-use system for consumables and borrowing products

You rent products and want to have arranged everything A to Z.

Your rental process goes even further: using multiple warehouses, costcenters, depreciation, dynamic billing and so on.

Total Supply Chain solution for larger companies. Streamline your entire MRO supply.


Consumables, borrowing or rental

You provide products with BorrowMe, for example to staff or you rent your stuff to customers? Both of these is possible.

Setup periods up to the minute

Periods are adjustable to reserve products or return on time. Prices can be calculated per period.

Easy staff/customer management

It's easy to manage your staff or customers. It is also possible to link the system with an authentication system or ERP.

Automatic stock notification

At low stock levels in a warehouse, complement notifications are automatically sent to the supplier.

Manned or automatic points-of-use

Manned or unmanned stations are put in for borrowing products and the use of consumables.

Link your suppliers

Give your suppliers the ability to integrate with your warehouse and stock levels.

Booking products in advance

Products can be reserved in advance so that the free stock is always up to date.

Online in the Cloud (SAAS)

Without investment, it is possible to work in the cloud completely and it is very safe.

Comprehensive and custom reporting

Commonly used reviews, receipts or invoices can be easily created as report.

Extensive pricing model

BorrowMe contains an extensive dynamic pricing model to use the right prices.

Service and maintenance notifications

After returing products it's possible to launche cleaning or maintenance services. The system keeps accurate track of the services in the past.

Multiple/simultaneously userlogin

Access for multiple users in different locations.

Extended help and support

Extensive help and tutorials

You don't know what to do anymore? Or you want to know BorrowMe a little better? Search for yourself to pick up the right support in the online webinars and tutorials.

Live chat for instant support

Use the chat for direct support during office hours. It is also possible to contact us by phone.